Palmetto Dunes Heather & Sean Summer Wedding Hilton Head, SC

Palmetto Dunes, in Hilton Head, SC is the venue Heather & Sean chose. Like most of my wedding clients, what they love about this venue is that it is considered one of the only last wedding venues in Hilton Head, SC with an open deck and you are literally feet away from the beach. For all of my wedding couples, this is priceless and breathless. Yes while you may be thinking about this wedding venue and saying well if it rains what do we do? They do offer a rain backup plan. I will tell you that in my experience this is a super small percentage. However, the huge positive side is having your wedding on the beach and dining on the beach. That is a luxury to many wedding clients, who will search for and fly very far from and often times venues like this are so very hard to come by. I always hear from family and friends that come to celebrate any weddings at this lovely venue that because this is so unique in having a Lowcountry wedding venue like this that is one they will always remember. Yes, Palmetto Dunes, in Hilton Head, SC is truly a great place to celebrate a true southern wedding.

This leads me to Heather & Sean, living in Charlotte, NC and wanting to celebrate their nuptials with their family and friends at Palmetto Dunes, SC. With always the assistance of the lovely coordinators Courtney & Devon this couple quickly booked the venue and my wedding photography services almost immediately after signing the contract with the wedding venue. Most of my clients are proactive and know that you should book your wedding photographer for a minimum of a year.

Has I always we had a very nice phone conference and I designed the photography wedding timeline with them, always listening first and getting their vision to how and what I can do to capture their day the way they would like for me too. On their day, I arrived at Heather condo, early has always, where I met her lovely bridesmaids and mom and dad, truly amazing people, I captured everything from the pre photos to her father seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress this is truly a unique and heartfelt moment for me. I always say I have no idea how I document this moment? Yes, I share a few tears. Her mom and bridesmaids helping her with her jewelry and dress, the gorgeous landscape of Palmetto Dunes where I got these amazing photos for Heather and her parents and bridesmaids. Shortly after that, I met Sean and his very cool groomsmen totally very nice guys. The ceremony was priceless has many beach onlookers enjoyed this celebration with everyone. Next came family photos that are so very important all done perfectly, and bridal party and Heather and Shawn well captured. Family and friends enjoyed the most perfect reception under the stars and the beautiful sunset, that I was able to have incorporated into my wedding timeline, where I took the couple out for a few minutes and got amazing sunset photos that they will always truly cherish for many years to come. Everyone enjoyed dinner toast, the dance and cake cutting, then DJ Allen has he always does got everyone on their feet including Sean grandma a great moment for everyone. Once again so grateful to Heather & Sean and everyone for giving me this huge honor and privilege to capture one of the most important days of their lives.

Now in their own words from the Heather & Sean is how this day became one;

Sean and I met roughly 11 years ago. At the time, his best friend Cory (the best man) and my sister Whitney (maid of honor) knew each other. They introduced us and we started dating while we were in college. After our college days we both started work near our home towns back in NY. After a few years living at home, we decided to move to the Charlotte, NC area together.

Sean had been vacationing in Hilton Head Island since he was very young, for more than 20 years now. His grandmother used to own a condo on Folly Field road, not even a block away from the beach. We had vacationed with his family on the Island a few times while dating and the Island quickly became a special place for us. Once we started looking for wedding destinations, we realized that Hilton Head was the perfect place, with one of the most beautiful beaches to have as our venue. We visited and toured a few of the resorts on the Island to to find the best venue for us and our guests to enjoy throughout our wedding weekend. Ultimately that led us to Palmetto Dunes, where we could experience the luxuries of the beach ceremony, the Dunes House beach front reception, selections of golf courses and public beach access. It ended up being the perfect destination for us to share our wedding day with our closest friends and family.

Our Hilton Head Island, SC chosen wedding vendors are:

Wedding Venue; coordinators, Courtney Daley & Devon; Palmetto Dunes;

Photography by; Michel Berda; King Street Photo Weddings:

Hair & Makeup; Beauty by Kateryna

Dj: DJ Alan

Florist: The Flower Shop Bluffton;

Food Catering: Palmetto Dunes;

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The Knot King Street Photo Wedding review



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