Family Affair for Kelli and Chris Wedding at the Hilton Head Marriott Resort and Spa

It gives great pleasure & joy today to post this incredible family affair wedding that meant so very much to me. You see every wedding is about great family and friends, and this wedding was that much more special has it included their great teenager children becoming one family.

I had this great honor and opportunity when Kelli contact me from a referral by the lovely Dawn at the Hilton Head Resort Marriott & Spa. Upon our phone conference, her first words to me were about her vision of how she wanted her wedding captured. As the phone conversation continued she explained to me that the children photos were the most important reason why she wanted for me to capture this special day.

On this memorable day, Kelli & Chris welcomed their friends and family, we had beautiful weather, first came the cocktail hour that featured amazing appetizer and great drinks everyone laughing taking pictures, hugging,  the ceremony included their 4 incredible children sharing in on their individual vowed to the couple. All very touching and heartfelt. As you can see by me documenting this wedding day it reflects all of the joy and laughter everyone had. Being a father of two amazing great daughters, I am so very glad I had this amazing honor. Thank you, Kelli & Chris, once again for giving me the privilege of being a true storyteller on your special wedding day.

Here from the couple is how this day became:

What happens in Vegas may not always stay in Vegas. Chris and I met 7 years ago during March Madness at Margaritaville in Las Vegas. Reason for our 7-7 wedding date. Lucky 7

We were both visiting Las Vegas with friends and family. Chris and his brother were hanging out with mutual friends and next thing you know conversation, gambling and more conversations continued till 4am at Denny’s with friends. It was by far a fun night with many laughs and people watching.

Ironically Chris and I lived about 25 minutes from each other back in the Columbus, Ohio area.

From the beginning, I made it very clear how I love my town of Dublin, Ohio and that my kids and i have a huge support system and being a single mom of 2, it was important that I stay in this community because Chris felt the same about his town of Westerville and keeping his girls in their respectful school

We had both had conversations that neither one of us wanted to uproot kids prior to their graduation. So bringing us today, 7 years later , Chris’s youngest graduated in May which we then agree we would get married and consolidate, but with my kids younger we would reside in Dublin.

At times it definitely had been a challenge in our relationship, but Chris had to keep reminding me that we both had agreed about allowing kids to stay in their school system. Chris continuously said to have faith, believe and visualize and that it would be US.

Over the seven years took many trips alone and with kids to keep the relationship growing and adventurous. Each of our kids spoke during the wedding ceremony, Ryan the youngest summarized it best

“7 years ago when Chris and his family came into my life i didn’t know what to expect. Fast forward to Today where we are all now gathered here to celebrate 7 years of adventures, fun times, bad times, getting to know each other and now finally making us family. We have had our fair share of ups and downs but in the end we all still love each other. We have gone on a good amount of vacations together such as Atlantis, Hilton Head, Outer Banks, a cruise And New York City this year . Each one of those vacations have had a couple unforgettable moments that will stick with me for a long time. Also we learned a little bit more about each other each time. And now today marks the day where we can finally all call each other family. I’m looking forward to all the crazy adventures that we are going to have as a family and i am so happy for my mom that she has found the love of her life. “

Chris and I very fortunate that our kids all get along and want this family equally as much as the other. We have been blessed with beautiful kids who may not understand the sacrifice we made over the 7 years for them but they appreciate the sacrament of Marriage we took on 7-7 and were excited for us.

Photography by; Michel Berda; King Street Photo Weddings:

Hair & Makeup; Julia M. Lynch Crush Island Wedding & Makeup:

Entertainment; Sean Biggins Music:

Flowers; Lauri Leber, The Flower Shop Bluffton:

Bride Wedding Dress designer; Halston:


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