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Congratulation you just got engaged. Your looking for engagement photogaphy in Charleston, SC.  Now you’re going to make a huge decision on who will capture that romance, the connection of you both not only in engagement photography but also should that storyteller capture it perfectly then he or she may capture one of the most important parts of your life your wedding day.

Once you have made that perfect decision, then the time comes where will you capture this engagement session being that Charleston has so much to offer, will it be in our Holy City, or maybe at Magnolia Plantation.

Here are two different couples that did exactly what I have described above. I often get many clients inquiry about capturing their engagement session and I figured I would post just a few fantastic engagement images to give my new clients a great feel for my passion for the art in capturing incredible engagement images. Enjoy:


A Charleston SC Proposal Engagement For Lauren And Nate

Today as I post a blog during the biggest storm ever to come to the US, Irma, as the winds and storm surges are coming in, I am very lucky I live on Daniel Island, SC. I still have power and I choose to work. Actually, this is not even work, as I have such a passion for what God has given to me, in being able to capture my clients in the happiest time of their lives. Back at the end of June, I received a call from Nate, who was very nervous, excited and unfamiliar with picking the right photographer to capture Lauren and his proposal. You see Nate and I hit it off right away because we shared similar ways of doing things, first being Type A, and next planning this session without any complication. Nate complimented me on my art and loved at that time all of the 65 Google reviews he read about what my past clients had to say about my impeccable service to them.

We communicated many times via phone calls, emails, and text on numerous occasions and we even had a rain plan should that day had one. In fact on the day of the proposal Nate, and I secretly communicate through text and I even got a phone call from him. Like I said (type A). In helping Nate, pull this once in a lifetime moment, I gave him great advice prior to this day, in the perfect location, the perfect background and the least crowded place where he would feel like proposing which was Water Front Park. I love this place because you have such a huge amount of different pallets of backgrounds that you can create amazing images. Between the marsh land, the pineapple and the Ravenel bridge, the water fountain the possibilities are endless.

I showed up one hour early to give Nate that comfort and because has a professional, it is the right thing to do for any client, I always check my equipment, lighting and balance everything to my personal taste. I am so glad I showed up early, Nate, must of have been very nervous because Lauren and he showed up 24 minutes before they were supposed to.

The best way to showcase this incredible moment and the hour after that we spent taking engagement photos around the park is to let you all tell me if as a storyteller, I created just that? Enjoy:

A Charleston, SC Sunrise Engagement Session For Brittany & Michael

Charleston, what a great way to start this lovely wedding Monday engagement blog then by featuring my clients Brittany & Michael, engagement session captured in our Holy City of Charleston, Sc. They say you give and you should receive. Yes, this is how Brittany and I met back at the Wedding Festivals bridal show back on August 14th. During the bridal show as a wedding photographer vendor, part of being there is to meet new potential wedding clients. If a client decides to fill out the wedding inquiry form they are also eligible to win a door prize at the end of the show. We at www.kingstreetphotoweddings.com gave away an engagement session and a bridal portrait. Brittany had already filled out the inquiry form that included having hired a wedding coordinator called Fabulous Fete (great planners) and unfortunately for us had already booked a wedding photographer. It did not matter to us that she already had picked a wedding photographer as my daughter little Chloe who is so always happy to help her dad, picked Brittany to receive this amazing engagement session. I am so glad she picked her because what a great person she is smart, respectable and it was such a pleasure seeing her smile on her face when she won this engagement session.

We set up the engagement session to include the terrific background of our Holy City known as Charleston, Sc. We made it a very early sunrise session and I got a pleasure to meet the groom to be Michael, great looking young men, smart as well, and you could tell they will be a perfect couple. As you can see by the images below, they are all breathtaking and you can see that the couple is happy and be enjoying the moment. “They are beautiful, artistic and capture some great Charleston eye-pieces”. That sentence came from Brittany when she saw the images.

The moment we finished this engagement session Brittany so impressed with my amazing talent that she quickly asked me to capture her bridal portrait. What a great honor that will be as well.

Here below as I always ask my clients to provide to me a paragraph or two about how they became one. Enjoy:

Michael and I met on Eharmony in December of 2011. Both of us joined the site to see what online dating was ‘all about.’
Michael was my very first match and we both started chatting online, eventually texting, talking on the phone, and setting up our first date in early January. We met at a sushi place in downtown Columbia, SC. We both have different takes on how it went— I felt it was somewhat awkward as we were both trying to get to know each other. The following weekend, Michael took me out for dinner again on Sunday night; from that weekend on we spent every weekend together. At the time I was at USC School of Medicine getting my Master’s degree and Michael was a finance officer in the air force. By the end of our first year together we’d moved into a little house in Hopkins, SC between my school in Columbia and Michael’s work at Shaw AFB in Sumter.

Two and a half years later, on May 4, 2014, Michael delivered three things to my bedside: breakfast from our favorite cafe, a hot coffee, and a poem. The poem read:
Well, our calendar has spelled out, for almost a week. My plan for today is a “yes” that I seek.
To tell you the truth I’m very ready. To take your ring finger and make it quite heavy.
I’m so tired of having this ring in my possession, you two should meet. It’s a match made in heaven.
So let’s go get dressed, it’s time for some action. Although, looking at you is quite a distraction.
Just remember one thing and don’t you forget it. I’ll love you forever, my whole heart, you have it.
Michael took me to lunch at the same restaurant that we’d had our first date and stopped the waiter halfway through lunch, “excuse me, can you take some pictures? I’m about to propose to my girlfriend.” A few months later we moved to Charleston for my first year of medical school at MUSC and Michael’s first year of law school at Charleston law. We decided on a long engagement due to school schedules. We finally get married this coming April (2017) and we’re both so excited to start our lives together!

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB00

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB01

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB02

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB03

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB04

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB05

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB06

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB07

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB08

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB09

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB10

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB11

Engagement photographer Charleston CuretonB12

A Fabulous Engagement Session For Taylor & Daniel, In Charleston, SC.


As I look back at a terrific year, I just had to post this amazing engagement session with Taylor & Daniel, in Charleston Sc, that I captured back this past summer. Taylor gave me this great opportunity to capture this for them both, I recommended we meet early that morning, and walk in some of my favorite locations in Charleston Sc. The couple had a great time full of emotions, and you could see that they really had great chemistry. These amazing images capture truly so exactly that.

Here from Taylor own words is how they met:

So Daniel and I met when I was a freshman in high school, he was a junior. We were at a friend’s house and I was being quiet in the corner so he just came over and sat on my lap and started talking to me. We went to see a movie for our first date, it was the movie Lovely Bones actually. It’s funny to look back and think about because we had to ride with our parents to and from the movies because neither of us could drive by ourselves yet.
When he proposed we were at his parent’s house in Louisville because he came home to visit. We were laying on the couch and I was about to fall asleep and he told me he was going to go play some video games in his room, but a minute later he comes out and sits me up on the couch and goes down on one knee telling me how much I mean to him and proposes! And the rest is history.

ManningE06 ManningE08 ManningE05 ManningE07 ManningE01 ManningE03 ManningE10 ManningE09 ManningE04 ManningE00 ManningE02

A Engagement Session In Beautiful Charleston, SC For Tiffany & Matt,

On this Friday 2 days before Mother Day, as I am writing and posting this blog for my clients Tiffany & Matt, back a couple of weeks ago, I met them for their engagement session in downtown Charleston, Sc. The morning session temperature was cool and a perfect lit day. While we had the great opportunity to go to various location, our last one was the best at 95 Broad Street, thanks to my great friends at Luxury Simplified, this Mansion has such a great terracotta color on the exterior of the building, the interior, is exquisite, with wooden rustic look. I am so happy with my artistry, couple, locations, that this engagement session just came out perfect. Please enjoy my art:

Here from Tiffany is how they met and became one.

We were introduced through a mutual friend after a course of unusual events. I came to my fiance’s hometown as a result of taking a teaching job but was in a roundabout way seeing someone at the time. My fiancé explained to me that he saw me from across the room at a school basketball game and intended to introduce himself in order to meet me. Realizing that I was apparently involved with someone already, he left it to a “no chance opportunity”. Little did he know that just a few weeks later things would quite interestingly change and we would become acquainted anyway. I was taken by surprise with my fiance’s fun-loving and gentlemanly personality and was very quickly attracted to him. We found ourselves spending more time together sitting together at basketball games and spending time with our friend the “match maker” and his family. A month later we started dating on February 9th, 2012.

Two years after being together, February 10th, 2014 he proposed the day after our two year anniversary at the Swan Lake Iris gardens in Sumter. It was a beautiful spring day and the trees were in full bloom. During our dating relationship, he took me to the lake often and we enjoyed making many great memories at several different places in the park. So, he sent me on a scavenger hunt finding sweet notes that led me to our favorite place in the park at the end of a dock where on the railing was taped a single red rose and a note that said “I love you! Will you…” I turned around and he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand.

We can hardly wait to share in a future together and to build our own family. I can’t wait to marry my best friend and soulmate, the one who through God’s great an awesome design completes me in every possible way, like a puzzle piece that fits together perfectly. Words cannot express how thankful I am that God saw fit to put two broken and flawed vessels together purely for His honor and glory. We are so blessed and we hope through our marriage to display the same kind of love that our Heavenly Father showed us when he sacrificed His only begotten son so that we could have eternal life.

We also want to say a special thanks to Michel Berda for photographing our engagement session and for all the fun we had in doing so, and we also look forward to him doing the same for our wedding day so that we have some great documentation of what will be a day to remember for a lifetime!











An Engagement Session For Nicole & Sam In Charleston, SC

Being a photographer has such great rewards, you always get to meet lots of interesting new clients most of the times, they become your friends. I met Nicole at the bridal show in HHI last February, she gave me the honor of photographing her engagement and her wedding, well a couple of weeks ago, I met her fiance Sam, as we set out to capture their engagement. What a great time here is some of the amazing results I captured.


Michel Berda6

Michel Berda5

Michel Berda4

Michel Berda3

Michel Berda2

Michel Berda1

Michel Berda0

My Pre Las Vegas Engagement Session

I am so happy to be back from the lovely state of Nevada, I had such a fun time and really learned a lot from the WPPI convention, the day before I left, I had the privilege of meeting & photographing Aimee & Orion, engagement.

We started way early in the morning and I took them downtown to the battery, and we walked around and had such a fun time, the couple was very easy to work with, and open to all of my suggestions, the rest are in the photos. Enjoy…..!

A Pre Halloween Engagement Session With Landon & Jennifer

What a fun I had on this past Thursday & Friday, photographing the engagement with my new wedding clients Landon & Jennifer for next year wedding @ Magnolia Plantation. We met in our beautiful historic city downtown, and as you can very well see, I really did not have to work to hard, great looking, very nice couple in love, and really they posed themselves, (well maybe I helped a little) but overall great fun. Thank you guys for having me and letting me bring my daughters with me to record this occasion, as I always say, I hope that thru my eyes, I have created these great images that you will cherish for a very long time to come….!

All Of My Best,


Another Great Engagement Session

Photography is an art, there are so many photographer, and lately I am hearing this from my brides to be “before I ran into your work, everyone photos look the same”. I appreciate the compliment and yes, I make sure that every photo I capture first comes from my eyes and most importantly from my heart. I have once again been very fortunate to have the pleasure of photographing the engagement of Rachel & Richie ..! Enjoy