The Best Way To Make Sure Your Photographer Delivers Great Photos, Is To Compare Apples With Apples.

Well here I am at it again Blogging away, this blog is so very important to me and it should also be to you. How do you know how your photos will look like after it is all said and done.? Is your reference point “well I went to her or his website and I assumed the photos I was getting, would look like that”….? To often the result are just not there, and once you signed on the dotted line, and made a deposit well that is just to late…! There are many great, talented photographers out there, however I am a Master Artiste, basic photos are not a option, the very best is…! This engagement session was quick 30 minutes, and free, they wanted a beach theme. I did this for only one reason, to prove to this client, and all of you, should you read this, that not all photographers are created equal….! I have left the client email there so that this blog and every blog I will post or currently have, would be 200% honest.

Note: I by no way can show you the other clients result from there photographer, but I can share the below honest and reply back from the client.

From: James Hamilton
Sent: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 1:05:17 PM
Subject: Hamilton Engagement Session

Hi Michel,

I wanted to write you now that Meghan and I have had time to go through the engagement photos and decided which ones we wanted to purchase. They are definitely amazing pictures and we are really excited about them. She and her mom placed an order with the pictures they want two nights ago, so please let me know if you didn’t receive the order.

As I said before, we both enjoyed working with you and wish we had the resources to utilize an additional photographer for our wedding, because if we did we would certainly hire you. Your talent is very evident in your photographs, and we really would like to be able to provide you with a review that is reflective of your skills, your customer service, and of course the incredible pictures. Where could we do this for you? Whether it’s on your website or on another photography website (or both) please let us know, because we certainly want to give credit where credit is due. Also, do people ever ask for references over the phone? I would be more than happy to serve as a reference for you and talk to someone personally on the phone.

Last, you mentioned in your initial email about putting the photographs on a CD for us. Is this still possible? If so, we’d love to be able to get that with the pictures we ordered.

Again, please let us know how we can be helpful in referring people to you and how we can serve as a reference for you in the future. Thank you so much.

Jamie Hamilton

A Destination Wedding In The Beautiful Bahamas…!

Destination Wedding are always fun. They bring you to a different part of the world, there are so many challenges, excitement, fulfillment, and the passion to photograph this like no one has ever done before. Your clients have invested a lot of time and money for all of us to do our very best, for me the best is not just good enough, I strive to be unique, fun, and making sure that no moment that is unforgettable passes my eye through my camera. This setting was peaceful quaint and different, you could hear the waves of the blue green water, smell the fresh air, the palm trees where tall and the flowers were blooming everywhere. The couple decided to have there magical day in this paradise island. We all had a great time, the photos are what I captured as a historian, yes they are there for you to enjoy, as much as the bride and groom did…!

I am so honored and I thank you from the bottom of my heart Jennifer & Casey for making me a part of your team on your wedding day. All the Best.


The World OF Keepsake Albums

An Album Is your keepsake, your tangible property, something to show and hold on to. I am very proud to offer these albums that are made from different countries around the world, these custom, hand-crafted story books are unique to your wedding. Images are professionally designed by me in an artistic story-telling layout. The cover is made out of the finest leather, with intriguing foldouts and accenting papers, with laminated pages help protect your images from fingerprints, to make this album last a lifetime a black stitched leather box is included, for the final touch a metal plate with my logo is inserted on it. This album stands out from the rest…!

A unforgettable Moment Idea For More Photos For Your Album

This month, I have the pleasure of Blogging about this wonderful new idea that I have had for the last 2 years. Now finally with the open heart and open mind, and two wonderful ladies Sarah & Kelly of Belle Couture Bridal, we will break a new era and set a trend for what will become one of the most requested part, of documentation for every bride. A Bridal Fitting Session… ! To every future bride, this is a very emotional moment for you and your Mother, you will want a historian to capture for generation, and generation. Read on…!

Belle Couture is proud to announce our new partnership with Michel Berda of King Street Photo Weddings and offer you the latest trend for Charleston brides King Street Photo Weddings will capture that once in a lifetime moment when you pick out “the one,” documenting all the tears, joy and emotion that go along with finding your gown. While most brides only have pictures of their wedding day when all is said and done, this is an opportunity to document one of the most important moments of the planning process. Michel Berda specializes in a photojournalistic style, to ensure your photos are modern and chic. This complimentary service is offered Tuesday through Friday by appointment. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this offer! Stay tuned for future photos.

“I hope I will have the pleasure of capturing this moment with all of you”


Charleston Place & The Riviera Features King Street Photo Weddings Michel Berda

4/18/2010 So here is a new update to this blog, what a surprise after so many years, I have just reconnected with a great client check it out here . I received a call about 3 months ago from a graphic designer, that Charleston Place marketing was Looking for a unique very, very, large photo measuring approximately 5 feet in height by 4 feet wide WOW, to be featured on the front of there Riviera building on King Street, I was so touched and honored that with over 200 weekend warriors they had to choose from they chose me.. ! Thank You, Thank You..! Well first of all, I know I am not a weekend warrior that is for sure, I do this full time and I love every minute of it…. ! LOl I guess the photo speaks for itself, when your are passionate about what you do, and want the very best for your clients, your images are what makes you a great historian.

Belle Couture & King Street Photo Frame Bridal Shoot

Yesterday was a great day where I had the honor of having to shoot 3 gorgeous models, Emily Breeze, Angela Finley, Angela Turner, with a frame bridal theme look…! LOL I patterned up with Sarah & Kelly from Belle Couture Bridal, Pamela Lesch of, & the frame from www.havensfineframing,com, & Jennifer from Boone Hall. The rest is history we rocked this shoot, and Yes the results are awesome…! LOl


Fashion Week Final Night

Saturday Night was an awesome night, first I had the privilege of shooting the bridal show, then at night I decided since my daughters are now starting to understand more about my profession, to invite them to come to the final night show. To say we as a family had a great time would be an understatement, thank you Fashion Week for letting them not only be there with me but to even have had a chance to be in the photo pit…!

“Daddy that was so awesome” Courtney & Chloe LOL