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Welcome to the cinematic page of our website. We offer the best Cinematic videographers all in one company.

About the artist Donovan

Donovan J. Snype is a photographer and cinematographer specializing in weddings and events. His work is remarkable, beautiful and at times incredibly candid. He began photography at the age of 9 when his father let him use one of his discarded cameras and he hasn't put down the camera since. 

A native son of Charleston, Donovan has spent years honing his craft and is dedicated to the art and science of video and photography. He has worked on production sets such as "Four Weddings" and "Army Wives" and has filmed major music artists in packed out arenas. Donovan believes no job is too small and that every moment deserves to be captured and cherished. Shooting with grace, style, and precision, Donovan ensures that every important detail is preserved so that it may be enjoyed time and time again.

His Style of filming your special day, Is Our Style.

Being highly skilled in the most up to date capturing techniques, equipment, and lighting, Donovan makes sure that no moment is forgotten. The final product is inspirational art created with care giving you a truly breathless film of your wedding day and an incredible and timeless love story.

Both Donovan & Michel have worked in perfect harmony for the greater part of a decade, with many amazing wedding clients. Our method is that we are always unobtrusive and observant. We work in concert to document your day, which gives you greater peace of mind. As client, there is no need for you to worry about two separate wedding vendors who may interfere with each other’s creative process. We are one and we work seamlessly together because we understand each other on so many levels, sometimes not even having to say a word, because we understand what needs to be done and because nothing is more important than you on your amazing day. We work from the same wedding timeline designed especially for you.

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