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Wedding Photographer for William Aiken House

The William Aiken House stands on the corner of King and Ann Streets in Downtown Charleston, South Carolina. A blend of 18th-century charm and 21st-century sophistication makes this 1810 estate one of Charleston’s most sought-after venues for weddings, here in Charleston South Carolina. I love it when a bride who has booked William Aiken house as a wedding photographer, to have her bridal portrait photographed there. The William Aiken house is amazing all in yellow and white with the black and white checkered floor in the entrance, beautiful gardens, nice white columns a couple of custom of raised small ponds, just magnificent. As a wedding photographer at the William Aiken House, I started photographing the bride inside the house and then we walked outside, I had a vision for a different bridal portrait I wanted to create for her, besides the standard just photographing her from a horizontal or vertical position the full body. Then I saw the balcony and said please wait, I ran upstairs and there I knew this would probably be my best bridal portrait image capture for that day. I asked the bride to look up at me and grab her veil, it was not about the background but her, I snapped my shutter and got this amazing portrait. This image shows her smile, her beauty, and her eyes, that you are drawn to. By coming back to the studio and doing some post-editing and turning the image into B&W made this image, a gorgeous bridal portrait. I hope to capture more weddings and bridal portraits at this amazing venue The William Aiken House, in Charleston, SC.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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