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Your wedding day is a significant and memorable event in your life. It marks the beginning of a new journey with your partner. As a husband, I vividly recall my emotions on my wedding day. My wife and I treasure the moments captured in photographs and memories we will cherish forever.

We, as professional photographers, feel privileged to be a part of your special day and to tell your unique love story through our images. Our goal is to capture the most important moments and emotions of your wedding day, creating a legacy that can be cherished for generations. We strive to provide exceptional service throughout the photography experience, from the initial email to the final farewell. Our focus is not limited to your wedding day alone but also includes the many moments leading up to it, filled with excitement and anticipation. For me, capturing precious moments and creating a visual narrative that reflects love and stunning backgrounds is essential. The images we capture will be your first family heirlooms, reminding you of the love and happiness you experienced that day. This is our commitment to you.

Charleston, SC Wedding Photographers Hiring Knowledge

When choosing a Charleston wedding photographer, it's essential to make a careful and informed decision.You'll be putting a lot of time, effort, resources, and energy into this choice, so it's crucial to know what qualities to look for in a true professional.The ability to capture the perfect lighting, composition, and experience in the industry are all important factors to consider.

Photography can be considered either an art form or, in the case of non-professionals, just a large collection of continuous photos. Many unprofessional photographers believe that taking a large number of photos will ensure that they get at least one good shot. If this approach to photography resonates with you, then we may not be the right fit for you. We refuse to provide wedding photos that are not professional such as blurry, repetitive photos that now make you the editing photographer and say to yourself why could she, or he have done better editing? We take pride in our editing skills to bring out the best in every shot. The most important pep peeve I have is washed-out backgrounds, which is a common mistake made by many photographers. This is known as bad exposure, which occurs when the photographer exposes the shadow and completely blows out the background that can be frustrating and disappointing especially when you are getting married in this Holy City that offers a huge palette of amazing historical and landscaping backgrounds full of blues skies. That's why we're committed to avoiding this problem by ensuring proper exposure that may require lighting techniques to capture every detail. Moreover, we have a protocol in place for rainy days, which can help ensure that your special day is captured beautifully. Lastly, if you desire stunning sunset photos, we use advanced lighting techniques to capture the perfect shots. Our goal is to provide you with a timeless collection of images that will always bring back beautiful memories of your special day.

We only work with clients who value our expertise and the significant investment they make with us.

“Life does not come with instructions on how to live, but it does come with trees, sunsets, smiles and laughter, so enjoy your day.” – Debbie Shapiro

It's important to pay attention to the small details to ensure that your photographer has the skills needed to capture the beauty of your wedding day. Don't settle for anything less than true photography decades of experience has you'll want to cherish your wedding photos for years to come.

Charleston, SC Wedding Photographer Experience

Our brand, is solely built to value our clients and aim to meet their needs by listening intently to their words and visions. Our goal is to go above and beyond their requests and ensure we are the best fit for them. We understand that there is a lot to manage, particularly with a big event like a wedding on the horizon. That's why we offer to take care of your wedding photography needs to help alleviate your stress. To get started, simply visit our contact page and initiate a conversation about your event. We welcome any inspirational photos you may have to help us understand your vision. Our team mentor, Michel, will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life and create the perfect photography timeline for your wedding day. If you are unsure of where to start, don't fret! Michel will guide you every step of the way. You can trust that Michel will be available to you throughout the entire process, from engagement sessions to bridal portraits, to ensure your vision for your engagement and bridal wedding images is realized in every aspect.

Luxury Wedding Photographers Charleston, SC. Investment.

Hiring a wedding photographer is a crucial decision, and it's essential to have realistic expectations when it comes to investing in one. A luxury wedding photographer provides unparalleled artistry, lighting, diaphragms under any weather situation, and attention to detail. They have invested decades with every scenario and experience elevating over 500 weddings and are a master photographer who is invested in encapsulating not just their art but their entire style and branding.

Being a wedding master photographer artist, they specialize in delivering bespoke experiences, exquisite craftsmanship, and timeless imagery that will capture the essence of your love story. They also understand the intricacies of luxury events by blending in seamlessly with your special day.

Investing in a luxury wedding photographer means investing in your memories. It's a decision that transcends monetary value and captures the essence of your love story. With a luxury wedding photographer, you can embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that your memories will be captured and preserved in capable hands. You'll celebrate the milestone of your journey together with incredible one-of-a-kind wedding albums that showcase your pure love.

We often find ourselves custom designing a collection and quote to meet those clients' special needs and they are here to do that. Just ask..!


Wedding Photographers Charleston, SC Booking & Contact & Info

To determine if we are the perfect wedding photographers for you, there are a few important details you should consider:

-We understand that your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. To ensure that we provide each couple with the attention and care they deserve, Michel has taken a vow to limit his annual wedding bookings to only 10-12. This approach allows us to work with extraordinary clients who truly value our expertise and creativity. We invite those who appreciate our brand and imagery to have a free consultation at our beautiful studio, located on scenic 310 King Street. As a highly selective Charleston wedding photographer, we expect the same level of commitment and value from our clients. We hope that by being transparent about our approach, you can see how much we value and appreciate you as our client, should we have the privilege of capturing your special day.

- Although we are delighted to communicate and coordinate with the bride, we recommend hiring a day planner for the wedding day.

- Our schedule fills up fast! We advise booking your date well in advance, preferably more than 2-5 months ahead. While we will do our best to accommodate you if the date is available, we have found that weekends within this timeframe tend to be fully booked.

Let's connect. Drop us a note by clicking on the link (below) by providing us with your details. We look forward to your special day and capturing unforgettable moments. We are so excited to have a conversation the honor and to speak with you. Contact us here and BTW thank you.

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