Wedding photographer The Battery Charleston, SC
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Wedding photographer The Battery Charleston, SC

Composition, artistry, your vision, your client's, the location, the art you put into the final wedding image. That is how I think all the time as I capture a wedding image. My quote is "It is not the quantity but the quality of your wedding images that sets you apart from any other wedding photographer...Here, for instance, is an incredible wedding image, it takes great thought to decide on how to capture this image. I have lived here in Charleston, SC for 26 years, I have taken countless amount of great wedding images at The Battery. The wall is unique in itself because there is so much history. Then you have to account for the tourist and locals, and the runners that also occupy this so popular place called The Battery...As I coached my couple, I realized that to bring all of this into one, that I had to get very low to the ground and set my lighting perfectly because it was a very cloudy day and I wanted to make it look as if it was sunset time. By bringing all of those elements together, I was able to give and capture this incredible image of The battery. Now the client can reminisce about how they got married in Charleston, SC, and love this photo so much to remind them of their special day.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

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