Engagement Photography In Charleston, SC


Congratulation you just got engaged. Your looking for engagement photogaphy in Charleston, SC.  Now you’re going to make a huge decision on who will capture that romance, the connection of you both not only in engagement photography but also should that storyteller capture it perfectly then he or she may capture one of the most important parts of your life your wedding day.

Once you have made that perfect decision, then the time comes where will you capture this engagement session being that Charleston has so much to offer, will it be in our Holy City, or maybe at Magnolia Plantation.

Here are two different couples that did exactly what I have described above. I often get many clients inquiry about capturing their engagement session and I figured I would post just a few fantastic engagement images to give my new clients a great feel for my passion for the art in capturing incredible engagement images. Enjoy:


A Fabulous Engagement Session For Taylor & Daniel, In Charleston, SC.


As I look back at a terrific year, I just had to post this amazing engagement session with Taylor & Daniel, in Charleston Sc, that I captured back this past summer. Taylor gave me this great opportunity to capture this for them both, I recommended we meet early that morning, and walk in some of my favorite locations in Charleston Sc. The couple had a great time full of emotions, and you could see that they really had great chemistry. These amazing images capture truly so exactly that.

Here from Taylor own words is how they met:

So Daniel and I met when I was a freshman in high school, he was a junior. We were at a friend’s house and I was being quiet in the corner so he just came over and sat on my lap and started talking to me. We went to see a movie for our first date, it was the movie Lovely Bones actually. It’s funny to look back and think about because we had to ride with our parents to and from the movies because neither of us could drive by ourselves yet.
When he proposed we were at his parent’s house in Louisville because he came home to visit. We were laying on the couch and I was about to fall asleep and he told me he was going to go play some video games in his room, but a minute later he comes out and sits me up on the couch and goes down on one knee telling me how much I mean to him and proposes! And the rest is history.

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