A Charleston, SC Sunrise Engagement Session For Brittany & Michael

Charleston, what a great way to start this lovely wedding Monday engagement blog then by featuring my clients Brittany & Michael, engagement session captured in our Holy City of Charleston, Sc. They say you give and you should receive. Yes, this is how Brittany and I met back at the Wedding Festivals bridal show back on August 14th. During the bridal show as a wedding photographer vendor, part of being there is to meet new potential wedding clients. If a client decides to fill out the wedding inquiry form they are also eligible to win a door prize at the end of the show. We at www.kingstreetphotoweddings.com gave away an engagement session and a bridal portrait. Brittany had already filled out the inquiry form that included having hired a wedding coordinator called Fabulous Fete (great planners) and unfortunately for us had already booked a wedding photographer. It did not matter to us that she already had picked a wedding photographer as my daughter little Chloe who is so always happy to help her dad, picked Brittany to receive this amazing engagement session. I am so glad she picked her because what a great person she is smart, respectable and it was such a pleasure seeing her smile on her face when she won this engagement session.

We set up the engagement session to include the terrific background of our Holy City known as Charleston, Sc. We made it a very early sunrise session and I got a pleasure to meet the groom to be Michael, great looking young men, smart as well, and you could tell they will be a perfect couple. As you can see by the images below, they are all breathtaking and you can see that the couple is happy and be enjoying the moment. “They are beautiful, artistic and capture some great Charleston eye-pieces”. That sentence came from Brittany when she saw the images.

The moment we finished this engagement session Brittany so impressed with my amazing talent that she quickly asked me to capture her bridal portrait. What a great honor that will be as well.

Here below as I always ask my clients to provide to me a paragraph or two about how they became one. Enjoy:

Michael and I met on Eharmony in December of 2011. Both of us joined the site to see what online dating was ‘all about.’
Michael was my very first match and we both started chatting online, eventually texting, talking on the phone, and setting up our first date in early January. We met at a sushi place in downtown Columbia, SC. We both have different takes on how it went— I felt it was somewhat awkward as we were both trying to get to know each other. The following weekend, Michael took me out for dinner again on Sunday night; from that weekend on we spent every weekend together. At the time I was at USC School of Medicine getting my Master’s degree and Michael was a finance officer in the air force. By the end of our first year together we’d moved into a little house in Hopkins, SC between my school in Columbia and Michael’s work at Shaw AFB in Sumter.

Two and a half years later, on May 4, 2014, Michael delivered three things to my bedside: breakfast from our favorite cafe, a hot coffee, and a poem. The poem read:
Well, our calendar has spelled out, for almost a week. My plan for today is a “yes” that I seek.
To tell you the truth I’m very ready. To take your ring finger and make it quite heavy.
I’m so tired of having this ring in my possession, you two should meet. It’s a match made in heaven.
So let’s go get dressed, it’s time for some action. Although, looking at you is quite a distraction.
Just remember one thing and don’t you forget it. I’ll love you forever, my whole heart, you have it.
Michael took me to lunch at the same restaurant that we’d had our first date and stopped the waiter halfway through lunch, “excuse me, can you take some pictures? I’m about to propose to my girlfriend.” A few months later we moved to Charleston for my first year of medical school at MUSC and Michael’s first year of law school at Charleston law. We decided on a long engagement due to school schedules. We finally get married this coming April (2017) and we’re both so excited to start our lives together!

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