Charleston Place & The Riviera Features King Street Photo Weddings Michel Berda

4/18/2010 So here is a new update to this blog, what a surprise after so many years, I have just reconnected with a great client check it out here . I received a call about 3 months ago from a graphic designer, that Charleston Place marketing was Looking for a unique very, very, large photo measuring approximately 5 feet in height by 4 feet wide WOW, to be featured on the front of there Riviera building on King Street, I was so touched and honored that with over 200 weekend warriors they had to choose from they chose me.. ! Thank You, Thank You..! Well first of all, I know I am not a weekend warrior that is for sure, I do this full time and I love every minute of it…. ! LOl I guess the photo speaks for itself, when your are passionate about what you do, and want the very best for your clients, your images are what makes you a great historian.