Wedding Photographers in Charleston
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Wedding Photographers in Charleston

Indian weddings, the color palette and the different ceremonies and culture behind it all. As a wedding photographer in Charleston, I love being commissioned to capture these weddings. I particularly love the details that of the dress the bride wore. For this image as I was arriving at Charleston Marriott downtown, and upon getting to the bride room, I notice the dress she was about to wear, as I am photographing it all, I saw the light coming from the window, the bride closed her eyes, and the image was captured. The image was then edited, to give that fine detail portrait, soft but yet very colorful, the yellow of the walls gave it even more of that color palate. I love her eyelashes and the black tone, the red, and many details of the dress, and the jewel on her front head. Absolutely love this image.

Location: 310 King Street Suite B Charleston, SC.

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