Wedding Palmetto Dunes
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Wedding Palmetto Dunes

Hilton Head Island, SC is a very busy town for weddings. This island has many great homes and resorts that are right on the beach. One of the most sought-after wedding venues in Hilton Head, SC is Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort. This unique resort gives every client looking for a rehearsal dinner, or wedding ceremony and reception full access to their Dunes House that is right there on the beach. The other beauty of this wonderful resort is that when the ceremony is over, from the beach to the Dunes house is a few steps away. The best part of this resort is that the reception is on the deck. Can you imagine having your first dance, dinner with your family and friends literally on the beach, that is the experience and feel you will have at this beautiful resort...As a wedding photographer that captures weddings at Palmetto Dunes, in Hilton Head, South Carolina I love this venue because the wedding clients, love having their couple photos captured on the beach, and here is why, as you can see by this wedding image the couple is relaxed and enjoys the moment, again in keeping with the timeline there is no travel you are minutes away from the reception. You can truly make it magical for them both in the imagery and the calm and peaceful thoughts of taking their photos while family and friends and guests are looking at these wonderful moments.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

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