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Tidewater Chapel Wedding Photographer

Ceremonies, every one of them so very different, and knowing the rules of that church, where you need to stand is one of the most important parts of knowing before the day comes. My approach with my clients is very simple, what I do is if the ceremony is at a church or synagogue and I am not familiar with it, I usually will attempt to go by and scout it out. Also, every church and synagogue has rules, and I respect all of them. I usually because of the sacred ceremonies will capture most of mine from the back, by being unobtrusive, off course I will photograph the processional from the front and move to the back after the father and the bride pass me. At times and very few if it is already agreed between the clients, and the church or synagogue or venue, I may put a second shooter in the pews, nowadays with the new cameras and the fact that you can photograph these weddings under any light, with such wide latitude of ISO, and the fact that you can in most cameras make it a silent shutter, this method works quite well. For this wedding and in most of the churches and synagogue in Charleston, SC they do have an upstairs balcony, again you need to make very sure that it is all agreed upon before you get up there and you must always be very cautious and respectable of where you are walking as most of this stairs are wood and very old, they can make lots of noise if they are stepped on the wrong way. I was able to capture this image at Tidewater Chapel, for my clients by achieving that when her father escorted his daughter down the aisle. The image is well captured and it is a different angle for them to see, as the clients got much more of the father and the bride, I love this image.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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