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Palmetto Bluff Wedding photographers

When you are given the privilege of capturing a wedding, you have to pre-plan all of the photos that you need to create for your clients for that day. The details are important, however, the couples individually must have their portraits created in a very different style for me that is a must. On this day when I walked in my client's house in Palmetto Bluff, I realized that not only the bride was beautiful but she happened to be wearing one of the best wedding dresses designed by the famous Haley Page. This dress features an Alabaster purple plum airy gown, with a halter high neck with crystal bodice, and the chapel train. Let's just say this dress is amazing, to top that of was the bride whose hairdresser did a spectacular job with her hair as you can see. To make this image pop and reflect exactly what I saw, I used my favorite lens with a very shallow depth of field and concentrated my lighting technique to be very reflective of the beauty of the bride and this image.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

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