dunes west golf river club wedding photographer
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dunes west golf river club wedding photographer

Getting ready photos. I love doing this such as details and the bridal party getting their make-up and hair done, or just watching the bride and being so happy for her. As a Dunes West Golf River Club wedding photographer as I got to this venue, I was going to start with the groom and groomsmen, well it happened to be that some of the groomsmen were a little late, so while that was going on, I heard giggling from the bridal suite, I knock on the door and asked if I could come inside and capture a bunch of fun candid moments of the bride and bridesmaids. The bride was getting her hair done at this moment and I noticed has I moved from one spot to another that the image I was looking to document was quickly approaching, 3 bridesmaids looking on with smiles at their friend as she stood there looking at them. When I photograph an image like this at this as a Dunes West Golf River Club as a wedding photographer I want to make sure my image tells that story, and why I always include that in my frame. As you look at this image in B&W, you notice that exact moment frozen captured properly, and well to show the bridesmaids doing what they do best loving their bride friend.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

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