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Daniel Island Club Wedding Photographers

Many Daniel Club Wedding photographers would contemplate capturing their bride getting ready photos the way I do. This vibrant creative image of the bride getting ready was captured in her room. When I arrived, I realized that the room was very small and that the furniture and wallpaper were not anything that would enhance this image. I knew that I had to create this image very differently. ..Thinking outside the box in order to create a very different and unique image, it was essential for me to have the best exposure, perfect composition, metering it properly that many times can be very challenging. Always knowing the goal to achieve that perfect wedding image. After contemplating the strategy for this image that I wanted to capture, I added a key light to add that beautiful look while keeping in mind that as a viewer you have a great understanding of how beautiful the day was... Exceeding my client's expectations is key, in capturing this exemplary bride getting ready on her wedding day image. I am always up for the challenge and this is where I get my creative vibes from. Never afraid and always driven.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street unit 1303 Daniel Island, SC.

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