Charleston wedding photographer cost
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Charleston wedding photographer cost

Here in Charleston, experienced wedding photographers are anywhere between $3500-5000+ for wedding photography. Factors that can affect your wedding photographer's prices include the photographer's reputation and experience. However, if you choose the best they can command top rates, especially if their photographs speak to you. Let's face it most washed-out backgrounds are not true photography knowledge and experience on the contrary that is just plain technology and Photoshop. A true master photographer sees the images creates the light and the moment you ar looking for. Here at King Street Photo Weddings, we have done this for over two decades. Contact us for our very limited booking for your wedding photography. We are pleased to customize a package that fits your needs ... top artistry in lighting professional photography in Charleston SC. Why most wedding clients that have the perfect eye for wedding photography pick us.

Location: 310 King Street Suite B Charleston, SC.

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