Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina Photographer
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Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina Photographer

The couple capturing them and getting the images that have a true love feel to them, it has to be the most important part of the total assignment has a wedding photographer in Charleston, Sc. I have mastered my craft as you can see here at this beautiful venue, Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina, where I created this image for my clients. This venue has such a spectacular view of the Ravenel bridge, and the Yorktown, a retired battle ship, to make it even better they offer a beach, and a private dock. My clients wanted a different image as we were walking around, I saw this scenery and so we began by having the groom dipping the bride, and he did it perfectly, the dress is properly exposed, and then to make this image pop, I added a special filter to the bushes and trees, to give it that winter fall look, a very rustic feel. A perfect wedding photography capture for this couple.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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