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beach weddings palmetto dunes

When clients choose their wedding ceremony on the beach, it gives me an excellent opportunity to be creative. Palmetto Dunes in Hilton Head, South Carolina, is one of those venues I love. When you have your family and friends at a wedding, there should be a way to incorporate that into one photo. I love capturing images that are unique and different, images that will stand the time. With every client that commissions me to have the honor and privilege to capture their special day, I always design the perfect wedding timeline with them months before the wedding. As we have this phone conference or in person, I am there to give the clients many great ideas for spectacular images I have mastered capturing. These clients had a minimal quaint wedding with family and friends; they wanted a photo just like that at our conference but had yet to learn how they would have that image of everyone. Knowing that the wedding ceremony was on the beach at Palmetto Dunes, I advised capturing that image right after the ceremony. My advice to make this image pop with that wow factor was by having petals of roses thrown in the air by their friends and family. In less than 8 minutes, I managed to advise everyone where they should be. Look at this image; you almost feel like the pedals are still moving, the joy and happiness in everyone, and the focal point being the bride and groom give this image that wow factor I captured at Palmetto Dunes in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

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