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Bahamas Beach Weddings

Destination Beach Weddings in the Bahamas, have so much potential for great imagery for a wedding photographer like myself to capture. In this image, I was very fortunate to travel to the Bahamas for my client's destination wedding. The day after the wedding, they decided to have me photograph trash the dress session however I wanted to include the groom. We walked around the property sweeping the grounds of the Westin in the Grand Bahamas, in Lucaya, for the perfect setting including the beach in this beautiful resort. Then I saw an infinity pool with the disappearing edge, what we call vanishing edge pool, a reflecting pool that produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon. I knew, to capture this effect with the couple, that I would have to go on the ground to be as close to the water and that the lens composition had to capture the couple to the end. I posed the couple, with the groom, whose back was laying on a very small brick and he was okay with that, a true gentleman, then the bride slowly reached up and by him kissing her forehead, I knew I had to photograph this moment. The mood and expression of this couple came out perfect. Her hand on his neck and the sky and clouds in the back gave me the perfect result at this amazing destination resort, in the Bahamas

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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