Waterfront Park Engagement Session
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Waterfront Park Engagement Session

Being an artist always sets new boundaries and by pushing that envelope to create a compelling engagement image. You see while we are many as engagement photographers here in Charleston, SC we are few in between in capturing and creating a piece of art our clients will enlarge and put on top of their fireplaces. My #1 goal is to always bring the right photographing and lighting equipment to create just that. ..As in this perfect timeless, moody, night engagement photo, I captured at Waterfront Park. The #1 best spot for tourist, engagement, bridal portrait, and wedding photography to capture any of these. This engagement image took the precise calculation of lighting of multiple lights and metering to achieve an engagement image like this...My clients loved the final result in the fact they said out of all the wonderful places we went in Charleston, SC that this Waterfront Park engagement photo is their favorite. Awe the rewards of gratitude for satisfying your clients with that perfect engagement photo.

Location: Charleston, South Carolina.

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