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Photographers Boone Hall Bridal Portraits

Selective post-production of your images is key to giving your clients final great images. Being artistic and creating great bridal portrait images is part of standing out from others in your field. I learned a long time ago that in post-production you can turn an image in B&W and leave a little color in it. Many wedding photographers have used this concept and by using this technique in converting the image to B&W and leaving the bride's bouquet in color. In most of the images you see with this effect, it can be positive or negative. I use this process as very little as I can because there are only very few selective images, I want to convert that process too. As I did for this beautiful bridal portrait image, I created for my client at Boone Hall Plantation. When I photographed her by this barn door window, I knew how I wanted the image to come out. Once I was back in the studio, as I was retouching the image, I realized this process of converting the image to B&W and leaving a little color, would work perfectly to making this bridal portrait image unique and different. I love love, the way this image looks. Her bouquet turned into color give this image more artistic drama and great style. It is not too much while being subtle, the credit goes to the florist that created the bouquet because it is so beautiful. To me, this image is very much a very nice artistic bridal portrait photographed at Boone Hall Plantation.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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