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Photographer Bridal Portrait Charleston SC

A portrait generally encompasses somewhat of a full headshot. You can choose to capture this in many ways or you can pretty much be like every other photographer. As a photographer that captures bridal portraits in Charleston, SC, that is generally to my protocol, no not for me. I am okay with being different, cutting part of the top of the image with my lens, focusing on the beauty of the bride what makes sense at the time that my fingers hit that shutter. A variety is what I give all of my clients, whether it is in engagement photography, or bridal portrait, or my very artistic wedding photography. Take this image, for instance, I got what I considered plenty of images from this wonderful bridal portrait, but going out of the norm and thinking outside of the box, when I zoomed in tight on the bride's facial expression, gave me this image. You can see the beauty of her makeup, the earnings, her white teeth, and having a tilt including this one-of-a-kind bouquet that she had made for this bridal portrait. This image has a great smile happy feeling. Once I posted the bridal portrait session on the web, once finished in post-editing by me, it was one of her favorite images from that day. The goal is only that, making your clients, beyond satisfied with your amazing bridal portrait photography.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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