Cistern Bridal Portrait
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Cistern Bridal Portrait

The College of Charleston is the oldest institution chartered in 1785, with almost 9 acres of property, becoming a College home of Charleston Sc in 1837. Then in 1850, the Cistern yard became fenced in. The Cistern is used by the college for concerts and the famed graduation ceremony. The cistern provides the perfect setting with the iron gate entrance that leads you to the live oaks, for this historical backdrop pink building with amazing columns and green shutter. For us as wedding photographers, it is one of the most famous locations that a bride or groom will pick, especially when the future couple may have gone to college there. It is so meaningful for them as a part of their success journey for the future. The images you photograph there whether an engagement session, or a bridal portrait, or a first look, that any one of us can create from this location is spectacular, unique, and reminiscent of Charleston, Sc. However knowing your craft and negative space can be very useful, your lighting has to be as they say "on point". For this image, it was very simple for me to be very familiar with this location for the last 16 years, and as the sun went down, I knew I had to create horizontal images that represented this angle perfectly. The bride is perfectly lit, and the background with different lighting combined makes this image pop, exactly what I was looking to capture. Truly a perfect bridal session image at this beautiful location of The College Of Charleston Cistern.

Location: Charleston, Sc.

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