Charleston Bridal Portrait
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Charleston Bridal Portrait

The Beaded Embellished Bridal Sash. This trend is surprisingly universal to most all body types depending on the dress and type of belt that equal 5 different types. To me as a Charleston bridal portrait photographer, I view it as more as a fashion style to compliment the dress. In the many bridal portraits, I have photographed here in Charleston, Sc, and other cities and states, I have seen so many of them all with a huge variety of styles and designs and embellish. As a Charleston Bridal Portrait photographer, artist, I pay lots of attention to details, in every way, the fact that a bride would invest in an accessory like this that enhances to look of her dress, makes perfect sense to me, that she would want to have it photographed artistically. It is so complimentary to me when my clients love all of the extras images I create for them, to make their bridal portrait as well as wedding photography that much better. As in this bridal portrait photograph I captured for my client, here in Charleston, Sc. The light was perfect and warm, her hands posed in the right way that compliments the look, her engagement ring, the extra sash on her wrist, that makes the connections in accessorizing for the bridal dress. It is all about the details, details, and always about capturing them for your clients correctly, and in a very artistic way.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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