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Bridal Portrait Photographers In Charleston Sc

I love St.Johannes Lutheran Church, located on Hazel Street, here in Charleston,SC. The church has the perfect columns and more importantly the perfect what I call red door. Whenever I am looking to photograph any of my clients at a pretty cool church in Charleston, Sc, this is the church that I will seldom use as a background. This church is over 136 years old, as you drive down Hazel street you notice the red door right away. Many Bridal Portrait Photographers In Charleston Sc forget to include a background that mimics Charleston, Sc. The best way to enhance your bridal portrait is to give it that perfect theme of Charleston, Sc. As I photographed for this bride. While keeping my camera in a horizontal format, I did not want to have the red door to my left of the frame, specifically because of the dark contrast would of taken you away from her. I knew that having the bride to my right, gave me the dark contrast in back of her head and body and that the white columns of the buildings would be a perfect balance for the negative space. After working on the image in my studio and putting a couple of great artistic effect to it , I believe I accomplished a very nice bridal portrait.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street.

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