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Bridal Portrait Photographer Charleston Sc

As a bridal portrait photographer in Charleston, Sc. I am always reminded of the amazing opportunities we have in this historic city with such great amount of palette of backgrounds. One of nicest part of Charleston,SC, is that you can see the churches steeples, that are more unique then most cities, from miles away, then any populated city with tall buildings. To encompass that into a bridal portrait, it can have tremendous impact on the image, when you represent this Holy City, of ours Charleston, Sc. By walking around the city, you have a great idea, for what images your looking to capture and where these churches are located. I am always amazed when I look at other wedding photographer on how they do not encompass that from the proper angle in composition, and that the end result leads to a bride in front of a church, way to basic. I always try something new, I always push that envelope, and I know there is so much more to capture in our beautiful city of Charleston Sc. In this image,for instance the light was falling perfectly on the steeple of this Church, located on Church Street. By photographing this at a very low angle, and instead of having the bride as a silhouette, I chose to add the proper fill light to balance the church and her properly. Thus the result are pretty amazing, posing her correctly and by asking her to pray, ads that much more drama to the image. You see your photography is art, while being still, it has to tell the viewer or in this case the bride a story. As we are all historian, by being photographers and documenting this moments, that is the greatest talent and gift we have, in creating a Charleston, Sc bridal portrait that is priceless.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street .

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