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Bridal Portrait Best Photographer Charleston Sc

What is the significance of a bridal portrait best photographer, Charleston Sc. It could mean many different things. How do you judge a bridal portrait photographer, after all, is it very subjective. For me I have dedicated my 16 years here in Charleston, SC, to provide that service to every client, I have ever had the honor of having. Many times my clients will see the variable differences between so many so called wedding photographers here in Charleston. Having todays digital technology camera is a plus, because in this age the cameras are really good, and you most photographers cheat and look at the screen, mine has a screen as well, however I look at what is called a histogram. Having a great lens is also a bonus, but do understand what the lens is capable at doing and what effect it will give you say if you use a zoom lens, do you know what a compression ratio is, do have a eye for knowing exactly what aperture to use for various images. Back in the days everybody was told shoot everything at 2.8 wide open, ha ha, not the case anymore and you have to really know the differences. What happens when your photographing a couple, do you have the groom nose in focus and call in art? What happens when you have family and the bride and groom are in focus, do you think it was art that the aunts and uncles from either side where made to be out of focus? What about lighting is it proper to use a flash in bright sunlight? What about post processing, do you love faded b&w where you can hardly make out who is the photos, and call it art. Ahh today there should be more clients looking at the finer details of wedding photography, and concentrating on composition, lighting, digital effect and fine art in the final image. That is why to the clients that are meticulous about all of these point refer to me as one of the best bridal portrait and wedding photographer here in Charleston, SC.

Location: 1225 Blakeway Street Suite 1303.

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